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Bali, Indonesia



Best Presentations

2018 8th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Technology
(ICBET 2018), Bali, Indonesia, April
23-25, 2018

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2017 7th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Technology
(ICBET 2017), Hong Kong, April
21-23, 2017

Effect of Propagation Signal and Path on Verification Performance Using Intra-Body Propagation Signals
Isao Nakanishi, Itaru Ogushi, Ryutaro Nishi, and Takahiro Murakami
Tottori University, Japan

Indole-Based Anticancer Agents
Woo Chiat Tei, Tengku Sifzizul Tengku Muhammad, and Kok Wai Lam
Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia

2016 6th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Technology
(ICBET 2016), Singapore, March 12-13, 201

Design and Development of Robotic Rehabilitation Device for Post Stroke Therapy
Si Thu Phyo, Sampath Kumar Karutaa Gnaniar, and Lee Kim Kheng
Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore

Dynamic Flow in the Large Airways during a Rapid Inhalation
Hadrien Calmet, Alberto Gambaruto, Guillaume Houzeaux, Alister Bates, and Denis Doorly
Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain

Impact of Industrial Estates on Water Resources
Richa Maheshwari and Neeru Bansal
Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology, India

Biodegradable Pellets Based on Poly (3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) / Poly (vinyl alcohol) / Sugarcane Bagasse: Thermal and Biodegradable Properties
Jinchyau Peng, Chia-Yang Wu, Li-Jhen Jheng, and Wai-Bun Lui
National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan

2015 5th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Technology
(ICBET 2015), Seoul, South Korea, March 10-11, 2015

Environmental Management Accounting Model on the Basis of Environmental Management System in Leather Industry
Marzie Hatef Jalil, Mahsa Narimani Abar, and Fatemeh Dadashian
Applied Science and Technology University of Tehran

Discovery of new lead compounds as inhibitors of allene oxide synthase based on ozagrel scaffold
Keimei Oh, Yuina Todate and Yuko Yoshizawa
Akita Prefectural University

The Used of Nd: YAG Laser for Ablation of Dental Material
Noorsyazwani Zulkifli, Fatanah M. Suhaimi, M. Khairul Azhar A.Razab, M. Suhaimi Jaafar, and Norehan Mokhtar
Universiti Sains Malaysia

2014 4th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Technology
 (ICBET 2014), Penang, Malaysia, March 12-14, 2014

Monitoring Mango Fruit Ripening after Harvest using Electronic Nose (zNoseTM) Technique
Farhad Gholizadeh Nouri, Zhiyuan Chen and Mehdi Maqbool

Numerical Analysis of Water Vortex Formation for the Water Vortex Power Plant
Tze Cheng Kueh, Shiao Lin Beh, Dirk Rilling, Yongson Ooi

Application of Solar Energy and Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cell in a Co-generation System
R. K. Akikur, K. R. Ullah, H.W. Ping, R. Saidur

Gait Analysis Using Virtual Body Sensor Networks for Biomedical Applications
V. Parthasarathy, P. Sharmila, G. Murugaboopathi, S. Hemalatha, and A. Prabhu

Self-Assembly of 3D Keratinospheroids on the Liquid Crystal Substrate
Chin Fhong Soon, Kok Tung Thong, and Kian Sek Tee

2013 3rd International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Technology
(ICBET 2013), Copenhagen, Denmark, May 19-20, 2013

Mathematical Model for Detection of Leakage in Domestic Water Supply Systems by Reading Consumption from an Analogue Water Meter
Gal Oren and Nerya Y. Stroh

Application of Antimicrobial Nanocomposites in Ready to Eat Meat Products
Zehra Ayhan, Donatella Duraccio, Birgül Özcan, Okan Eştürk, Serra Nalçabasmaz, Clara Silvestre, Sossio Cimmino, Gülsüm Erol, Murat Altan and Bengisu Toplu

Measurement of Microscopic Young’s Modulus of Crispy Foods
Ren Kadowaki, Norio Inou and Hitoshi Kimura

Femoral Mechanical Response in Golfers with Total Hip or Hip Resurfacing Implants
Cameron Coates, Javier Sanchez

Carotid Artery Modeling Using the Navier-Stokes Equations for an Incompressible, Newtonian and Axisymmetric Flow
Jhalique Jane R. Fojas, Rizalinda L. De Leon

2012 2nd International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Technology
(ICBET 2012), Hong Kong, June 2-3, 2012

Design and Development of a Closed Two Loop Thermal Management
Configuration for PEM Fuel Cell
B Viswanath Sasank, N.Rajalakshmi, K.S.Dhathathreyan

Monte Carlo Analysis of a Subcutaneous Absorption Insulin Glargine
Model: Variability in Plasma Insulin Concentrations
Normy N. Razak, Jessica Lin, Jason Wong, Geoffrey J. Chase

Zeta Potential - Applications

2011 International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Technology
(ICBET 2011), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, June 17-19, 2011

Best Paper:
Paper ID:
Paper Title: Next Generation Identity Verification Based on Face-Gait Biometrics
Authors: S.M.E. Hossain, G. Chetty

Excellent Papers:
Paper ID: T020
Paper Title:  Heart Activity Monitoring on Smartphone
Anh Dinh

Paper ID: T30009
Paper Title:  Study of Indentation Response of Functional Graded Al2TiO5- Based Bioceramic 
Zeya Oo, Alexander Gorin and It-Meng Lo


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